Bailey Nurseries

For decades, 112-year-old and family-owned Bailey Nursery based out of Newport, Minn., has been expanding its reach around the globe. Pitch started its efforts focused on telling the Bailey business story and gaining attention for the world's best-selling hydrangea, Endless Summer. In our second year working with them, impressions grew from 26 million to nearly 200 million. Seems like a lot. From schlepping hydrangeas in freight elevators to impromptu photo shoots for social posts, we plant the story seeds that re-bloom season after season. 

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How do you tell the story of a company that’s more than 100 years old? Package compelling content and then throw in a few gummy worms, gardening gloves and a little bubbly to wash it all down. In an age where emails are as common as cheese curds and construction cones along Nicollet, you have to do something to stick out. Who doesn’t love free swag?

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Sometimes a story isn’t enough. We have to create ripples. Construct a storm. Like the Life in Full Bloom Tour. Wrapping a van, we sent Bailey spokesperson, Ryan McEnaney, on an eight-city tour throughout the Midwest with stops in Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City and more, donating plants and making the brand relevant in a multitude of states. Deskside visits to publications in New York City the past two years increased visibility for Bailey Nurseries and resulted in numerous national placements including pubs like Real Simple and Architectural Digest.