Crystal Farms Cheese

We’re as sharp as cheddar. When you’re launching a consumer product in a crowded field, you have to be. From product introductions to managing and creating spokespeople to finding creative partners like say, a food truck, we’ve taken the story from your fridge to the front doors of editors and publishers nationwide. Then back to your mouth. Partnering with the O’Cheeze food truck, Pitch handed out grilled cheese sandwiches as Crystal Farms debuted its Bacon Cheddar line. What could brie better?

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We specialize in going beyond the press release in a creative, thought-provoking way. Whether it’s infographics, creatively packaging content or visiting the media meccas to deliver kits deskside, we develop a more robust story. Something for the media to sink its teeth into. Like Swiss cheese. But with less holes.

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Don’t forget about the bread and butter of your media sandwich - trade media. Trades are an integral audience for many of our clients including Crystal Farm. Not only does it reach people who are ready to digest industry-specific information, trade media also delivers your message in a credible, authoritative format. Need to reach B2B audiences faster? Think of it like this: not reaching out to trades would be like Mac without cheese. Nacho your best idea.